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We are located in Concord and have a production facility of approximately 30,000 square feet and have 50 highly trained employees. We have invested in the latest technological machinery including the latest CNC machinery and Copyng Lathe machines programmed by our experts.

The Factory

SSH is located in Concord Ontario Canada. The wood production facility is 30,000 square feet and includes over 50 experianced craftsman. Company headquarters houses experts in the engineering, marketing, product development and design departments.

SSH has invested in the latest technological machinery including the latest CNC machinery and copying lathe machines programmed by our expert personal. 

The production of fine custom furnishings is continuous at SSH, 5 days a week.

Our Stock

SSH stocks the best of the best hard wood. SSH uses a selection of the strongest kiln dried hardwood species dried to 6%, always having large quantities on hand so lead times are not affected. SSH provides FSC wood, government controlled (green), working with the environment for a positive future. We will manufacture the requested product of your choice in a solid or veneer. SSH can provide exotic African woods as well as solid beautiful warm walnuts. Your request is our specialty. We will meet all material requirements for your projects.

Engineering and Design

Every good custom project starts with a well thought-out design. There are three basic options available regarding design:
1. SSH can provide complete design services for your custom furniture, which is included in the costs of your project order. SSH uses 3D CAD design software along with CNC machine engineering.

2. SSH can fine-tune an existing design by your designer / architect team.

3. SSH can build to the exact specifications of your own shop drawings or pictures of furniture provided by your firm.

Project engineering is the arduous process of transforming a design concept into a buildable product. Proper engineering ensures that your furniture will not only look as designed, but will continue to work flawlessly even after years of daily use. Computer aided drafting is a vital step in our ability to produce intricate and challenging projects capably, on time, and without errors. Although tedious, the unsurpassed attention that SSH places on this process becomes increasingly more evident the larger and more intricate the job becomes.

Prototype Creation

SSH provides CUSTOM PROTOTYPING SERVICES  in all material; timber, metal / painting, staining , and plating services for the extra touch."

SSH customizes each piece of furniture to each customers request providing prototypes that allow you to see and touch the vision into fruition.


All components are cut in our factory by AUTO CAD driven C.N.C. machines. This gives us the most Precise components with 0.10 tolerance. The Superior method is an interlock system to ensure maximum construction strength. The chair is then cut into puzzle format. Our rigid construction provides our clients with a lifetime of use.

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